Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive! promotes early developmen​tal and behavioral screening for kids

acf2Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive! promotes early developmental and behavioral screening for kids

The Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Education have launched Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive! to encourage developmental and behavioral screening for children to support the families and providers who care for them.

Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive! will help families look for and celebrate milestones; promote universal screenings; identify delays as early as possible; and improve the support available tohelp children succeed in school and thrive alongside their peers.

“With as many as one in four children at risk for a social delay or developmental disability, it’s critical to get screening resources in the hands ofthe adults who love, work and care for young children,” said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “This screening initiative will help identify warning signs early so that more children get the support they need as soon as possible. Because the early years in a child’s life—when the human brain is forming—represent a critically important window of opportunity, this administration is making significant investments in early childhood education, care, and development.”

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100 Best Practices in Child Protection

100 Best Practices in Child Protection

ChildProtectionThe Protection Project at The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children has published Volume III of a guide of examples of some successful initiatives in child protection around the world.

The guide, 100 Best Practices in Child Protection-Volume III, is divided into seven parts and includes definitions, child protection services, programs aimed at protection of children from sexual and economic exploitation as well as protection of children in the justice system.

To download a copy of the guide go to:

CALL FOR PRESENTERS: Fatherhood & Families Summer Presenter Workshop

logoCALL FOR PRESENTERS: Fatherhood & Families Summer Presenter Workshop

May 28-29, 2014 / San Juan, Puerto Rico

Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico, Fathers & Families Coalition of America; Community Leaders and support from Administration for Children and Families Region II as well as Departamento de Educación de Puerto Rico present the 2nd Annual Fatherhood & Healthy Families Summer Conference, May 28th & 29th in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A 2-day journey into the future of best practices working with families, fathers, community development, research, public policy and inter-faith community responsiveness. Exceptional Featured Speakers, Workshop Presenters, Capacity Building Assistance Tracks, Professional Development Sessions, and so much more…

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Borough President Diaz Celebrates the Bronx Fathers Taking Action (BFTA) – March 29, 2014 at Bronx UFT

Dear Community,fatherhood

Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr is pleased to be celebrating the  2nd year of of the Bronx Fathers taking Action (BFTA). The BFTA invites all fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, caregivers and mentors to come out on March 29, 2014. We have a Special Guest Speaker, Shawn Dove, Campaign Manager for the Campaign for Black Male Achievement and other invited guests who will speak on important fatherhood issues.

Please share the attached flyer with your community.

Thank you.

* Click here to download the flyer, BXFTA Anniversary 2014

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