Father Initiative Career Development Center: 3-Week Course • Locations in Bronx & Brooklyn

OsborneNY-logoThe Osborne Association – Fathers in the Criminal Justice System – Course

Father Initiative Career Development Center

3-Week Course • Locations in Bronx & Brooklyn

Focused on non-custodial fathers involved in the criminal justice system, this 3-week course offers effective co-parenting workshops, job placement assistance, resume preparation, interview training, job search and retention support, career coaching, training on workplace socialization, financial literacy, and goal setting. Services also include free weekend activities for children & fathers, individual & family counseling, guidance with child support issues and arranging child visits, father to father peer groups, and financial incentives including free lunch, Metrocards, snacks, etc.

For more information and to register in the Bronx, call Darren Ferguson at: (718) 707-2712 or email: dferguson@osborneny.org.

For more information and to register in Brooklyn, call Shu-aib Abdur-Raheem at: (718) 637-6588 or email: sraheem@osborneny.org.

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