NEW Financial Empowerment Toolkit for Social Services Programs

CFPB_logoOn July 30, 2014 the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released Your Money, Your Goalsa toolkit to help social services programs understand when and how to introduce financial education in their work with clients. The toolkit can help clients build skills in managing money, credit, debt and other financial matters.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau worked with a variety of organizations to introduce the toolkit at training workshops in 21 states and Washington, D.C. Over 1,400 social services staff participated. ACF Region II collaborated with the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc. to deliver two workshops in New York City. After the training, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau collected information from participants about their experiences in using the toolkit to help improve it.

You can now download the Your Money, Your Goals toolkit in English and Spanish from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website.

The available resources include an implementation guide, PowerPoint slides with trainer notes and a train-the-trainer video. You can also sign up for news on upcoming training events and updates to the toolkit.