Resource Materials: Serving our Youth and Asset Building

Webcast Series Materials: Serving our Youth: Working with Family and Youth Services Bureau, January 2016

These podcasts were produced in partnership between U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB). They share information on providing resources and support for job seekers who are homeless youth, pregnant and parenting youth, or victims of domestic violence.

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Investing in Tomorrow: Helping Families Build Savings and Assets, January 2016

For low-income families, wages may only fulfill basic needs like food, clothing, and housing that may just be temporary. This financial instability leaves the future uncertain. To help children reach their full potential, families may consider savings and assets. These assets include emergency savings, college funds, home ownership, and more. This brief from the Annie E. Casey Foundation examines the persistently wide gap in savings and assets between white families and families of color, as well as outlines practical federal policy changes that could help low-income families build savings and assets so they can move toward self-sufficiency.

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