ourteam2Stronger Families New York is a coalition of human service organizations who are interested in strengthening families in New York State. Members represent federal, state, and local governments, faith-based, and community organizations across New York State.

Mission Statement:
To strengthen families in New York State by working in collaboration to share information, encourage effective policies, and maximize resources.

• Promoting healthy family relationships, including parent-parent relationships, child-parent/caregiver relationships, healthy marriages, and responsible fatherhood. (Parenting and Relationships Subcommittee)

• Addressing issues of poverty and encouraging families’ economic self-sufficiency. (Economic Security Subcommittee)

• Strengthening family and community relationships for people coming home. (Community Reintegration Subcommittee)

• Scanning internal and external environment for collaborative opportunities to include; building members capacity in resource development. (Resource Development & Philanthropy)

• Highlighting the value and importance human differences to promote and enhance awareness of and to improve competency for cultural and linguistic diversity. (Cultural Diversity)

Stronger Families New York has been meeting since August 2009.

The entire Coalition meets once per quarter, in February, May, August, and November. General coalition meetings usually include 30-40 participants, who are leaders in their organizations or respective fields, and include information sharing and discussion about pertinent issues facing families in New York. As well, specific subcommittees meet every other month to share more specific information and coordinate collaborative activities.

contact-us3Membership in the Stronger Families New York Coalition is open to New York State organizations who are aligned with the mission statement of Stronger Families New York. The Coalition is voluntary association. Interested parties should contact bronia.ashford@acf.hhs.gov


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