subcommitteeCoalition subcommittees meet about six times per year, and focus their work on the core areas identified by the coalition mission statement: 1) sharing information, 2) encouraging effective policies, and 3) maximizing resources. Subcommittees have engaged in projects including professional development workshops and conferences, a collaborative statewide event encouraging responsible fatherhood, and the development of a speakers’ bureau.

  • The Parenting and Relationships Subcommittee promotes family environments in which caring adults are committed to children’s well-being, focusing specifically on activities and policies that directly affect healthy parent-parent relationships, healthy child-parent/caregiver relationships, healthy marriages, and responsible fatherhood.
    Co-Chairs: Brooke Lombardo (The Doe Fund) and Israel Rosario (NYC HRA Office of Child Support Enforcement)
  • The Economic Security Subcommittee is focused on employment, work supports, and family financial stability as a primary means to overall family stability and well-being; and advocates that all persons who desire to work, including those who traditionally face barriers to employment, deserve to be hired.
    Co-Chairs: Ernest Johnson (STRIVE)
  • The Community Reintegration Subcommittee focuses on strengthening family and community relationships for people coming home – whether they are coming home from prison, returning veterans, or youth aging out of foster care.
    Co-Chairs: TBA
  • The Resource Development & Philanthropy focuses on scanning internal and external environment for collaborative opportunities to include; building members capacity in resource defelopment.
    Co-Chairs: Donna Linder (Parenthelp)
  • The Cultural Diversity Subcommittee focuses on highlighting the value and importance human differences to promote and enhance awareness of and to improve competncy for cultural and linguistic diversity.
    Co-Chairs: Maria (Masha) Teverovsky (Global Integration Taskforce)

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