Economic Security

ES5The Economic Security Subcommittee is focused on promoting family stability by promoting economic security. The subcommittee is made up of agencies that promote family financial security, work supports, access to benefits, and more. Members of the subcommittee meet approximately five to six times per year, and plan special events to share important information with service providers, build organizational capacity, and encourage professional development.

Poverty and Economic Self Sufficiency Subcommittee Guiding Principles

  1. Employment is the preferred route and highest priority in achieving family stability and financial security. Employment of non-custodial parents is an essential priority. When employment is not readily available, there should be a coordinated system of supports that are easy to access.
  2. Government and private sector approaches to workforce solutions must be coordinated, and must recognize the important connection between income and family stability.
  3. Employment services must take into account the families, communities, and children of their clients, recognizing the full breadth of their needs and their strengths.
  4. Employment services must be easy to understand and access, especially for those who have cultural, language, educational, or other barriers to accessing services.
  5. All qualified persons, including those facing barriers to employment, such as former incarceration or mental or physical health conditions, deserve to be hired. Social service providers should be leaders in hiring and should work to lessen the barriers faced by such individuals.family16

Co-Chairs: Ernest Johnsn (STRIVE)

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